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If you're hosting a birthday party, you will need to give an estimated head count.  Sorry, MACH does not provide quotations without adequate information.
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PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT PROVIDE COPYRIGHTED/TRADEMARKED COSTUMED CHARACTERS SUCH AS ELMO, DORA, DISNEY PRINCESSES, ETC. OR THEIR LIKENESSES unless they are a registered trademark character of the Clown House.  It is considered a copyright infringement to represent another company’s trademarked character and a performance artist and their hiring company can be sued.   
 Services Requested:
Face Painting Balloon Sculptures Glitter/Mica Tattoos
(Choose one)
20-25 min. Magic Show (all ages) OR
Story Time for 2-5 year olds OR
Parachute Play for 4-7 year olds (non-competitive play) OR
Pajama Jamma Show for 7-12 year olds

Face Painting Balloon Sculptures Glitter/Mica Tattoos
Specialized Games (hula hoops, relays, bingo, limbo, etc. - client will supply the prizes)
MACH should bring kiosk or 10x10 tent as shelter will NOT be provided by the client
Electricity will be provided on site

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I have reviewed the FAQ page.
I understand that completing this form is NOT a confirmation of services of any kind.
I understand that rates and times are subject to change depending on availability and upfront deposit will be required to confirm my performance.
I can verify I am over the age of 18 and am able to enter into contract with Molly Anne's Clown House.
I adore my privacy and hate spam and solicitors as much as everyone else THEREFORE I do not allow Molly Anne's Clown House nor any of its affiliates or parent companies to distribute ANY of my information to other organizations or persons unless approved of verbally or in writing by myself or my representative.

A valid name, daytime phone number and complete event information must be included for a proper quotation. Incomplete, falsified or inaccurate inquiries will be disregarded by the Clown House.

Thank you for considering Molly Anne's Clown House - please call 855-852-1718 for questions!

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